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Top Producing and Savvy Agents are moving further away from slow paced, long format videos that produce little to no results.  This is because in our fast paced, digital age of social media and online advertising attention spans are shorter than ever and attention is at a premium.

Instead, Top Agents are utilizing quick paced, short-format 'Teaser Videos' that highlight the best of the  property to pique curiosity and drive traffic to full format virtual tours and in person private showings.

If you only want to do the same thing all the 'other agents are doing' with long format, slow paced videos that highlight running faucets, an opening door, and a 4 minute property intro, we probably aren't the company for you.  

Though if you want to be different than your competition, use a data-driven and proven approach to digital content marketing, while driving real results to your listings AND your business, then give us a call.  

curated Cinematic Video

Example #1 of Our Unique Cinematic Teaser Video Format


 Example #2 of Our Unique Cinematic Teaser Video Format 

Frequently Asked Questions

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I see a lot of agents using 4-5 minute property videos. Should I do the same?

 A:  Video is a powerful tool, and more important than ever in our digital age of Social Media.  And the reality is that the data consistently shows that long format, slow moving videos are the least watched videos and produce very little (if any) results.  

Two of the cardinal rules of online video are to 'keep it engaging' and 'keep it short'.  On top of that, the savviest of marketers are using video as part of a greater 'sales funnel' to drive traffic to the next step in the process.

Our Unique 'Teaser' Style Videos are based on digital content data, and formatted specifically for digital marketing on Search and Social Platforms.   They are short format, engaging videos that highlight the best of the property and are specifically designed to drive traffic to full format virtual tours, your listing, and ultimately the house itself.

Can I Intro the Property in My Video?

A:  Absolutely, although it is not necessary!  We provide the option to include an 'Agent Intro' in every video.  However, our suggestion is to keep it short and sweet or to 'add action'.  Long talking introductions have been shown to drastically reduce watch times, and therefore are discouraged.  Remember - keep it short and keep it engaging.  

Aren't long format videos good for 'voice overs'?

A:  Most Social Media & Online Sites are 'consumed' on mobile devices.  What may shock you is that over 90% of videos on Facebook are watched WITHOUT audio, which is why it more important than ever to focus on engaging visuals.  With great visuals, voice overs are unnecessary, and with the way most videos are consumed online, voice overs are now considered 'outdated' and thus discouraged.

Why take a marketing funnel approach to marketing my listing?

A:  Curiosity and desire are two of the most powerful motivators that can be used in marketing.   By understanding this, you can drive the prospective buyer deeper into a marketing funnel with the proper media to ultimately engage the prospect and 'close the deal'.

By using a marketing funnel approach,  you can simplify the process, and  control the movement of a prospective buyer through curiosity to increase interest and connect with the customer in a more powerful way.

Do you do custom video projects?

A:  Yes, we do work custom video projects or can customize particular portions of a project.  We understand that certain properties need an additional level of customization.  These projects can be custom tailored to your needs.  Pricing varies, depending on request.  Contact us for more information about your project.

agent intro with cinematic video

  Example #1 of a Customized Agent Intro with Our Unique Cinematic Teaser Video Format  

(note the movement with longer format Intro)

Long Format Cinematic Video

Example #1 of A Long Format Cinematic Video

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